SummaryAs the lead designer at WebTPA, my primary objective was to create a truly exceptional experience that seamlessly reflected the unique brand identity while maintaining the flexibility required for white-label applications across various client portfolios. However, this presented its fair share of challenges.

One major challenge revolved around the crucial need for ADA compliance across the platform, catering to the specific branding requirements of each client, some of whom were yet to achieve full compliance.

To tackle this issue head-on, I collaborated closely with our talented development team, drawing inspiration from the well-established WCAG website guidelines. Together, we devised a custom solution that empowered clients to effortlessly integrate their primary and secondary colors into the system. The primary color was managed by a user-friendly content management system (CMS). Leveraging intelligent technology, the CMS automatically adjusted the color's tint to achieve compliance, relieving clients of any burdensome concerns.

Recognizing the importance of branding accents, we provided clients with greater flexibility regarding the secondary color. While ADA compliance was not mandatory for this color, it played a pivotal role in enhancing illustrations and buttons throughout the app. To ensure optimal usability, we implemented a dual approach, employing both dark and white text versions within the buttons, depending on the chosen color scheme. This intelligent design framework allowed clients to effortlessly infuse their unique branding, while our automated CMS ensured compliance without the need for constant manual intervention from the WebTPA team.

Throughout the project, my focus remained on creating the WebTPA version of the app, while considering the white-label options. This involved meticulous attention to detail, particularly in regard to WebTPA's custom illustrations, which originally featured a palette of three colors. For the white-label variant, I streamlined the design to two colors, ensuring that every instance of the specific color throughout the app was programmed for effortless interchangeability.

As a testament to the success of our efforts, I compiled an extensive design system document. This invaluable resource served as a comprehensive guide for both WebTPA and their clients, offering insights into the aesthetics and functionality of both the original version and the highly adaptable white-label variant.

The impact of our solution extended far beyond the confines of WebTPA. Recognizing its potential, I presented our innovative design approach and the accompanying handoff document to the entire agency, fostering a culture of excellence and equipping colleagues throughout the organization to embark on their own transformative journeys.

2023 Vanessa de Abreu