Foodsmart -- Onboarding Case Study

Foodsmart is the first telehealth experience that combines registered dietitian services, tailored meal planning tools, and the most broadly integrated food delivery marketplace in one location

The focus of this case study is a UX flow for a new patient’s first Telenutrition appointment scheduling. This involves a combination of gathering the required information to be able to conduct the appointment, as well as delivering a powerful value proposition so that the patient completes the flow and also shows up to their first appointment.

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Prior Research & Preparation — Before delving into wireframes and assumptions, I conducted extensive research on telemedicine platforms, successful onboarding experiences, and CBT-based nutrition companies. This research aimed to identify best practices that could be integrated into the existing Foodsmart flow. My focus was on providing comprehensive explanations for each decision, a detailed account of which can be found in the complete case study.


Flow Initiation & Options — The flow initiates with an eligibility check followed by the sign-up process. Upon completion, users are given the choice to either begin onboarding immediately or skip and proceed to booking. This flexibility empowers users to choose their engagement level while still allowing for onboarding at a later time. The onboarding questionnaire functions as an intake form, streamlining consultation time by preemptively addressing pertinent questions. By offering clarity on the value and time commitment of onboarding, user confidence is enhanced.


Strategic Breakpoints for Reinforcement — Throughout the onboarding journey, strategic breakpoints are integrated. These breakpoints are opportune moments to showcase Foodsmart's value, reinforcing user confidence in the platform. Through the incorporation of success stories, featured articles, and evidence of the service's efficacy, we establish trust, educate and raise awareness, emphasize key features, foster motivation and engagement, and ultimately reduce abandonment.


Personalized Dietitian Recommendations — Post-onboarding, users are presented with a curated selection of suggested dietitians. These recommendations are based on user responses, accompanied by a profile and rating system. This personalized approach enhances the user experience, allowing them to choose dietitians aligned with their preferences. Users can either opt for suggested dietitians or explore the full roster independently.


Empowering Informed Choices Through Detailed Profiles — Each dietitian's profile is comprehensive, featuring a personalized introduction, practice style, cost breakdown, educational and demographic background, and ratings from previous clients. This detailed profiling empowers users to make informed decisions, ensuring optimal alignment with their requirements. Simultaneously, dietitians benefit from a platform that showcases their skills and personality, attracting suitable clients.


Transparency In Cost Disclosure — A significant emphasis was placed on cost transparency. Users can now view their payment amount upfront, irrespective of insurance coverage. This approach fosters transparency, trust, informed decision-making, insurance comprehension, heightened patient satisfaction, reduced support inquiries, and compliance with legal obligations.


Seamless Booking Process & Insurance Verification — Upon choosing a dietitian, the booking process commences, encompassing insurance and payment information capture. An API check is performed during insurance verification, updating the anticipated visit cost. Transparent disclosure promotes user trust, preventing unexpected surprises. Cases of insurance limitations are documented in the complete case study.


Payment & Confirmation — Users progress to payment and confirmation stages. By collecting payment information upfront, instances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations are minimized. Post-confirmation, users access their appointment details in their dashboard, can export to their calendar, and modify or complete their onboarding questionnaire as needed.


Enabling Confidence & Decision-Making — The carefully designed onboarding flow establishes trust, emphasizes Foodsmart's value proposition, guides users systematically, and maintains transparency. Through this comprehensive approach, users are equipped with the tools necessary to confidently choose to engage with our services, informed by a thorough understanding of their options.

2023 Vanessa de Abreu