Are Jew My Husband -- Branding


Are Jew My Husband is a fun project around a Jewish woman's journey with dating in New York City. Every good date, bad date, and wrong turn has been crafted into funny short stories accompanied by bold illustrations. My goal was to bring visual vibrancy and curiousity to enhance her storytelling.


The open handed, "questioning" stance and bubbly font is authentic to Are Jew My Husband's bright personality. I created the character to capture the humor behind her journey, authentically positioning her as a relatable persona in the dating space.


I chose the vibrant “Kachol” (blue in Hebrew) as a nod to Are Jew My Husband's Jewish background and built an expanded palette of vibrant colors that are unique to the comical and fun take Are Jew My Husband has on her journey to find The One.


Playful illustrations, bright colors, & bubbly typography embrace a maximalist social presence. I designed playful icons relating to love & Judaism to accompany the brand's digital presence.

2023 Vanessa de Abreu